GLASS - by Atri Sikdar


Atri Sikdar

 I joined Indo Asahi Glass Company Limited as a rookie in Calcutta, when I was 21 years old. That time Calcutta Market was the main centre for wholesale business in entire Eastern part of India. Small dealers from all over Bengal, Bihar, Orissa and North East States used to purchase materials from big wholesalers of Calcutta.


Within a few days of joining I was given a project to unearth the market potentiality of Siliguri and few other small markets around Calcutta. I started with no leads at all and over the next few months developed few good markets, especially the Siliguri Glass Market. That was my first success.


But the most significant appreciation that I got, was for my task of managing significant gains in the extremely competitive Madhya Pradesh glass market during my first year (1995) there. It bolstered my confidence immensely and taught me quite a few lessons in general management.


After serving the company over a period of 15 years in various capacities with honesty and commitment I left the job in 2007 and joined Bawa Float Glass Limited as an Area Sales Manager.


Due to my long association with this very competitive Flat Glass Industry I learnt to confidently stand by my principles, stay focused on the job irrespective of circumstances and engage with people with enthusiasm.